Healthpoint Pro Medical Grade Infrared Thermometer


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Validated hospital grade accuracy infrared thermometer for the home. Easy to use with one button operation and ability to store 99 readings.

100% Satisfaction guarantee.

If you don’t love our thermometer, send it back within 14 days for a refund guarantee.

Highest Grade Accuracy Within +/- 0.2°

Thanks to an advanced patented A9™ sensor array, you can now get true medical grade accuracy for a home based thermometer.  Get peace of mind in a reading you can always trust – every time.

Simple to use & hassle free

One button operation and a colour coded bright LCD screen make the Healthpoint easy to use and extremely fast.  Readings are taken within 1.5 seconds.  Historical readings can also be stored on the device, up to 99 per user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery is between 1-3 days from ordering.

As accurate as you’ll find in a doctors office or hospital.  This is due to an advanced patented A9 medical chipset which does not need calibration.  We grew tired of seeing devices for the home suffer inaccurate readings.

Yes, the same accurate readings can be used on all children and babies

Yes, the Healthpoint carries the FDA approved certificate, along with the FCC. CE and RoHS certificates.

Yes, but please contact us first for pricing.

We offer a lifetime warranty, free of charge.  We stand by our products and we are the only provider to offer lifetime warranties.

Hassle free readings.

Step 1: Place the thermometer between 1-3cm from the forehead of the user

Movement will automatically turn the thermometer on.

Step 2: Press the START button

The triple sensore will begin to take a reading.

Step 3: The large screen will display the measurement and give a colour coded display

The whole process takes approximately 3 seconds.

One button operation.

Medical grade accuracy for the home, delivered the next day.